Manifesto is the concluding project of L3; providing the opportunity to independently declare a creative position within the broad and diverse practice of Interior Design. The project requires a close consideration of the implications of either temporarily or permanently altering the selected space, and carefully scoping and researching matters that are particularly significant to the choice of brief.



LAB85 is a creative, educational and research institute. With a focus on scientific exploration and education it encompasses a 

practicing research lab, study space, educational centre and gallery. 


In partnership with the Glasgow Science Centre, and operating as an extension of the GU and Strathclyde campuses; LAB85 is exciting for those that visit and use the space as it is neither public nor private, holding a position in-between.


The design alternates between floors open to the public and those reserved for members; with the concept combining both an educational centre with a ‘live’ lab and study space, used by practicing researchers and students. 


The differentiation between public and private space is maintained by the design and isolation of each area on separate floors, by way of a physical barrier. The public floors, ground and second, harmonise with the existing architecture of the building; mimicking the form and referencing key architectural features through details and finishes. The two private spaces on the other hand, on the 1st and 3rd floors, act instead as interventions within the existing building, consciously moving away from the typology laid down by the former BOAC building.  


The 3rd floor is the only level completely isolated within the design and is not open to the public, but reserved for members or students studying at the University of Glasgow and the University of Strathclyde. The space, which operates in between both universities, is an extension of their respective campuses; providing extra space and resources to students and giving them an opportunity to specialise their studies.  


May 2018 // GSA









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