Urban Dwelling

Nov-Dec 2017 // Pratt Institute, SOM 

This project explored the adaptive strategies (temporal and spatial) within a dwelling unit, between people and their environment, and how these are shaped by personal behaviour and habits, cultural norms and physical abilities with a conscious awareness of Universal Design.


Brief: To design a contemporary urban residence, expanding upon the concepts and strategies identified in precedent researches. The dwelling accommodates an inter-generational family in an urban setting and must consider the family’s evolving needs and changes to patterns of living over time. The residence will be designed for a couple with one child, aged three, and a grandparent.

The design proposals will address the need for accessibility and adaptability of design, from products to environments, accommodating different age groups and various (changing) levels of agility. The study of adaptive thresholds will scrutinise and re-define both physical and intangible boundaries – enabling or delimiting – toward an enhanced awareness of the relationships between the family members and their shared dwelling. There is close attention to the coordination of furniture, materials, colour and lighting in creating a sense of place.


Plans & Proposal



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